supported internships

A supported internship changed my prospects and could help your learners too

Toseef Ahmed explains how his supported internship has been a win-win for him, his team and his employer

JL Dutaut
Toseef Ahmed
supported internships

Colleges are key to closing employment gaps for young people with learning disabilities

Marking National Inclusion Week, the leaders of the Internship Works consortium urge providers to open their doors to supported…

JL Dutaut
Julie Pointer and Laura Davis

If your skills strategy isn’t funding – it’s not worth talking about

However good a national skills strategy looks on paper, it simply can’t be delivered by a system on the…

JL Dutaut
Mark Dawe

Why it’s time to recognise the work of colleges as social action leaders

New awards aim to recognise colleges for all the work they do that goes far beyond qualifications and transforms…

JL Dutaut
Shelagh Legrave

Employer partnerships are no longer enough to tackle the skills crisis 

LSIPs require us to look beyond competition between education providers to maximise investment and impact, explains Louise Wolsey

JL Dutaut
Louise Wolsey
Staffroom – Opinion

How to embed ED&I into your everyday teaching and learning

All learners can benefit from an equality, diversity and inclusion mindset from their teachers, explains Faisal Arif. All it…

JL Dutaut
Faisal Arif


Are private equity backers bad apples or golden eggs?

Anyone tempted by a potentially lucrative private-equity deal should carefully consider the incentives and the potential repercussions, writes Alex…

JL Dutaut
Alex Lockey

Whitehall doesn’t know best – but devolution is harming skills policy

We need to end ‘Whitehall knows best’ while undoing the harms devolution is doing by dividing our efforts, says…

JL Dutaut
Tom Bewick
Lifelong Learning

Awarding organisations are perfectly placed to break barriers to LLE 

Mary Curnock Cook reveals key recommendations to overcome hurdles on the way to launching the new lifelong learning entitlement

JL Dutaut
Mary Curnock Cook

Collective effort can bring college pay back where it needs to be

Even after a hard-fought funding increase, college pay still lags behind schools and industry, writes David Hughes

Shane Chowen
David Hughes

FE needed a movement to improve literacy. Now it’s got one

A new collective has set itself the aim of harnessing literacy for social mobility across the curriculum, explains Kirsty…

JL Dutaut
Kirsty Haughton
Staffroom – Opinion

Remembering Henrietta. Why every learner should know about a silenced contribution to medical science

After this summer’s development, everyone should learn about the most important contributor to science you’ve never heard of, says…

JL Dutaut
Gail Pringle