This is what I really said about social mobility

Social mobility is complex, as FE providers know. The Telegraph’s headline about my speech was the opposite of the…

Jess Staufenberg
Katharine Birbalsingh
Staffroom – Opinion

Shadowing should be embedded in apprenticeship standards

Shadowing is highly effective CPD and also helps to build relationships within organisations, writes Priya Patel I’m a former…

Jess Staufenberg
Priya Patel

Is it time to let go of the failures and ego of incorporation?

The colleges sector can only challenge the problems of incorporation if it takes the uncomfortable step of building a…

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Stuart Rimmer
FE Week Podcast

The FE Week Podcast: New college, new country – Refugees in FE

After travelling thousands of miles, facing extremely dangerous situations, often stuck in legal limbo – refugee and asylum-seeking students…

Jess Staufenberg
The FE Week Podcast
Staffroom – Opinion

Corporate social responsibility strategies are a win-win for FE

ITPs and colleges without a CSR focus risk losing employees and potential new talent, writes Lee Dale A socially…

Jess Staufenberg
Lee Dale

The government must act now to save apprenticeships

It’s the first time in our organisation’s 50-year history that the number of apprenticeship vacancies is outstripping applications, writes…

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Mike Driscoll


Education is crucial amid spiralling living costs

FE must focus on delivering a versatile workforce to help tackle the cost of living crisis, writes Mark Dawe…

Jess Staufenberg
Mark Dawe

7 ways to challenge college culture and get back to ‘good’

In 2019 I left higher education to become chief executive of the UK’s biggest national FE college group, comprising…

Jess Staufenberg
Liz Bromley

Local areas can use Multiply to unlock wider investment

Multiply represents a menu of interventions for local areas to draw on and tailor to the local context, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Alex Stevenson
Mental Health

How can ITPs support learners with complex mental health needs?

Many learners tell us mainstream school negatively affected their mental health and that they need more support now, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Zoe Whitmore
Adult Education

DfE – look at Scotland’s plans for an adult learning strategy

England needs an all-stages and all-levels levelling-up lifelong adult learning plan, writes Sue Pember Both Wales and Scotland are…

Jess Staufenberg
Sue Pember

This is how evaluation practices lead to better governance

Assessment of the board improves the performance and engagement of its members, writes Fiona Chalk I had the pleasure…

Jess Staufenberg
Fiona Chalk