Skills reform

The skills bill endgame ushers in a new age of paternalism

The skills bill brings to a head over four decades of state-ist beliefs, writes Tom Bewick The skills bill…

Jess Staufenberg
Tom Bewick

Don’t solely blame ‘the careers system’ for low apprenticeship starts 

Many of the issues putting young people off apprenticeships are in the control of employers and providers, not careers…

Jess Staufenberg
Laura-Jane Rawlings

Digitising EHCPs does not solve the huge waiting lists for them

Students are still desperately waiting for education, health and care plans – and this support should continue into HE…

Jess Staufenberg
Sam Parrett

Specialist SEND colleges go unmentioned in the green paper – that must change

The government should mandate local authorities to include specialist colleges in the new inclusion plans, writes Clare Howard Nadhim…

Jess Staufenberg
Clare Howard
Staffroom – Opinion

We have more unaccompanied asylum-seeking students, but not enough support

Vulnerable refugee learners are being moved around between local authorities, threatening their education, writes Beth Moore At just 16…

Jess Staufenberg
Beth Moore

Lessons from a newcomer to further education

Agreeing on priorities, and working with other sectors on behalf of learners, can drive the sector forward, writes Naomi…

Jess Staufenberg
Naomi Phillips


Here are 5 ways ministers can improve prison education now

Yet another review has found that prison education fails learners at every stage. Action must be taken straight away,…

Jess Staufenberg
Francesca Cooney

Why doesn’t Eton offer its ‘transformative support’ to all colleges in Dudley, Middlesbrough and Oldham?

Eton’s decision to reject a non-selective intake at its new sixth-form colleges says it all, writes Tom Richmond For…

Jess Staufenberg
Tom Richmond
AAC2022, Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship reform starts with the school calendar

The apprenticeship cycle needs to move in line with university applications, writes Jo Foster To kick-start apprenticeships in this…

Jess Staufenberg
Jo Foster
AAC2022, Apprenticeships, Climate Change

Apprenticeships in green skills sectors require joined-up thinking

Apprenticeships can only meet our green skills needs if we follow the lead of employers, and link up across…

Jess Staufenberg
Jennifer Coupland
FE Week Podcast

The FE Week Podcast: Is disability the hidden diversity issue?

In this episode, education journalist Jess Staufenberg explores disability – or differing ability – and what it means as…

Jess Staufenberg
The FE Week Podcast

Political education should be embedded in the FE curriculum

Without a counter-narrative from educators, students can believe inaccurate versions of the world, writes Maxine Looby One of the…

Jess Staufenberg
Maxine Looby