T Levels

The Advanced British Standard could be the making of T Levels

Far from a death knell for T Levels, the Advanced British Standard could be the bold reform we need…

JL Dutaut
James Scott
T Levels

We worked hard to make T Levels a success – and our work has not stopped

With tailored messaging for employers and success stories in local media, York College is celebrating growth in some of…

Shane Chowen
Ken Merry
Staffroom – Opinion

A college-led model to help learners transition into the workplace

Our learner-led media company shows the impact of providing real-world learning opportunities, explains Lorraine Sutherland

JL Dutaut
Lorraine Sutherland

ONS reclassification demands a new way of thinking about staffing issues

Reclassification puts new expectations on colleges when dealing with senior pay and severance. Matthew Kelly and Ben Wood explain

JL Dutaut
Matthew Kelly and Ben Wood

FE needs to be its own most vocal champion – now more than ever

NCFE’s new spotlight report concludes that the sector must prioritise its own needs first – before it can help…

JL Dutaut
Philip Le Feuvre

T Levels’ struggle to gain credibility just got harder

The acronym ABS also refers to a type of braking system used in cars and motorbikes. Ben Verinder fears…

Shane Chowen
Ben Verinder

Skills reform

Employers may be in the driving seat, but the skills system’s engine has stalled

L&W analysis reveals a decade-long decline in employer investment in skills, and a policy paradigm that only encourages more…

JL Dutaut
Stephen Evans
Online learning

Toxic? Online learning can be better than the classroom

Effective teaching need not be confined to the classroom or the physical presence of a teacher, argues Mark Bremner,…

JL Dutaut
Mark Bremner
Party Conferences 2023

Colleges should cautiously embrace the Advanced British Standard

Rishi Sunak’s long-term plan to merge A-levels and T Levels can only succeed with a plan for funding, staffing…

Shane Chowen
Jackie Grubb
Party Conferences 2023

Advanced BS? Perhaps, but hot dog, there’s good news for skills too

The prime minister’s announcement shows commitment to fixing the mistakes of the past – whoever was responsible for them,…

Shane Chowen
Jonathan Simons
Staffroom – Opinion

I have the answer to better classroom practice. Steal it if you’re busy

A system that’s hard-wired for fast thinking won’t help teachers or learners improve

JL Dutaut
Dan Williams
supported internships

Colleges are key to closing employment gaps for young people with learning disabilities

Marking National Inclusion Week, the leaders of the Internship Works consortium urge providers to open their doors to supported…

JL Dutaut
Julie Pointer and Laura Davis