Don’t leave young people out of the apprenticeship conversation 

Young people need more help if we are to turn their growing awareness of apprenticeships into genuine opportunity

JL Dutaut
Jo Saxton and Oli de Botton

‘Prepared, not scared’: Why Ofsted should rethink inspection training

The watchdog’s opposition to pre-inspection preparation and training is well-intentioned but harmful

JL Dutaut
Kerry Boffey
Staffroom – Opinion

Using everyday tech to support learners with additional needs

Teaching learners with additional needs how to make use of the tools at their disposal supports their learning and…

JL Dutaut
Georgina Davies
Equality and diversity

Working with employers to make apprenticeships more accessible to autistic learners

Apprenticeships can extend opportunities and diversify our workforce – but employers need support to make it happen. Here’s how…

JL Dutaut
Paul Scales
Equality and diversity

Time for government to end racial inequalities in apprenticeships

It’s Race Equality Week as well as National Apprenticeships Week, and there’s more in common to their agendas than…

JL Dutaut
Jeremy Crook
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Could you be the next NCG Leader?

I am extremely proud to lead NCG, and right now we have five rare and exciting opportunities to join…

Liz Bromley


The numbers don’t lie; apprenticeships are a success story for opportunity

Our Ronseal apprenticeship model delivers ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ – but we will continue to improve…

JL Dutaut
Robert Halfon MP
Functional skills

We must ensure functional skills are fit for the future

Reforms have made FSQs indistinguishable from GCSEs and turned them into a barrier to progress

JL Dutaut
Paul Warner

Four recommendations to build construction’s workforce

Construction is under increasing pressures and a fragmented skills system is a barrier to meeting the challenges

JL Dutaut
Graham Hasting-Evans
Workforce strategy

FE should lead recruitment – and ministers can make it happen 

Christian Warden reflects on recommendations for education and skills in the Building the Future Commission’s 2024 report

JL Dutaut
Christian Warden

How I’ve integrated AI in my everyday teaching

These AI apps have been hugely beneficial to me and my learners – and you can pick them up…

JL Dutaut
Adil Hussain

Resits: Colleges can do a lot – but they could do much more with some flexibility

Colleges can’t make the progress we need nationally on resits outcomes without some accommodations in policy

JL Dutaut
Asfa Sohail