Skills reform

One bill was never going to solve our skills challenge

A long-term cultural shift is needed – so after the bill, we need a ten-year plan, writes Stephen Evans…

Jess Staufenberg
Stephen Evans
Skills reform

Rationing access to student loans will hit FE colleges harder than universities

Students without minimum grades also have a limited choice of other routes, write Andy Westwood and Ben Verinder Yesterday…

Jess Staufenberg
Andy Westwood and Ben Verinder
Skills reform

MP support for skills bill amendments is encouraging

Not accepting two amendments is a missed opportunity by the government, but there is cause for hope, writes Peter…

Jess Staufenberg
Peter Aldous
Skills reform

The skills bill could have been so much better

Both Labour and Conservative voices have been ignored by the government, writes Toby Perkins After the government blocked no…

Jess Staufenberg
Toby Perkins
FE Week Podcast

The FE Week Podcast: The great pay divide

Are staff struggling to make ends meet? Are they on unstable contracts? In the first of a new investigative…

Jess Staufenberg
The FE Week Podcast
Politics, Skills reform

Two significant skills bill amendments need to be backed by government

Report stage gets underway in the Commons on Monday

Billy Camden
David Hughes

Staffroom – Opinion

Theory is being wrongly applied in classrooms

It’s easy to be blinded by the scientific theory and not think carefully about each learner, writes Jennifer Wilkinson…

Jess Staufenberg
Jennifer Wilkinson
Skills reform

Make 2022 the year FE is unchained at last

FE is the best place for adults to upskill – but it needs lobbyists in parliament, writes Andy Forbes…

Jess Staufenberg
Andy Forbes
Climate Change

Sustainability is now the ‘fourth functional skill’

Students at AELP’s first-ever green skills summit say sustainability should be learnt alongside English, maths and digital, writes Nichola…

Jess Staufenberg
Nichola Hay
Higher education

New branding isn’t enough to drive up demand for HTQs

Level 4 and 5 qualifications have historically suffered from a perception problem, writes Ian Pretty Next September, the first…

Jess Staufenberg
Ian Pretty

The 3 top challenges to unlocking prison apprenticeships

Practical issues still remain to be worked through, writes Peter Cox “One huge benefit that apprenticeships would provide is…

Jess Staufenberg
Peter Cox

The OfS is – mostly – correct to say colleges should work closely with schools

The benefits run both ways – but the OfS should not expect colleges to drive school improvement, writes Marion…

Jess Staufenberg
Marion Plant