How colleges can foster safe engagement with the Israel/Palestine conflict

The legal framework is complex but can help colleges strike a difficult balance between freedom of speech and …

JL Dutaut
Smita Jamdar and Tom Long

Reclassification one year on: Capital, control and confusion

It’s been twelve months since colleges were returned to the public sector and colleges must learn to live with…

JL Dutaut
Julian Gravatt
Adult education

Adults need a different approach to English and maths than the one that failed them

The current model is sacrificing the skills they need in the name of the qualifications we want them to…

JL Dutaut
Dipa Ganguli
Staffroom – Opinion

We must redefine post-Covid learners to embrace and celebrate their skills

Too much of our post-Covid narrative is about what learners have lost rather than what they have gained

JL Dutaut
Charlie Simmans

The apprenticeship system must evolve to succeed

We must listen to industry to refine the apprenticeships system and remain globally competitive

JL Dutaut
Peter Aldous MP

Provider accountability for apprenticeships is not fit for purpose

The current model for qualification achievement rates is unfair, uninformative and unproductive, explains Jill Whittaker

JL Dutaut
Jill Whittaker OBE


AI and VR could divide or unite – and FE needs to lead the charge

AI is already making a splash, with VR and AR not far behind, says Rob Wraith. FE leaders must…

JL Dutaut
Rob Wraith

Amid struggling leadership and management, two FE colleges shine

New research points to an education-wide issue with quality of leadership and management, but some FE providers stand out,…

JL Dutaut
Niamh O Regan and Anthony Painter
Staffroom – Opinion

How we’re helping people SWAP unemployment for NHS careers

Weston College’s sector-based work academies – or SWAPs – are tapping into potential to tackle NHS skills shortages, explains…

JL Dutaut
Mike Hudson

What the SEND pilot reveals about English and maths in apprenticeships

The successful pilot to flex apprenticeships for learners with SEND but no EHCP makes a powerful case to rethink…

JL Dutaut
Paul Warner
Apprenticeship levy

Autumn statement: It’s time for real incentives for skills development

Employers need to be better supported and much better informed to invest in the skills they and the economy…

JL Dutaut
Rachel Thomas

AoC conference: brewing optimism amid a sector finding its voice

The FE genie isn’t going back in the bottle whatever the election outcome, says Rebecca Durber, so let’s fight…

JL Dutaut
Rebecca Durber