Mental Health

How can ITPs support learners with complex mental health needs?

Many learners tell us mainstream school negatively affected their mental health and that they need more support now, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Zoe Whitmore

This is how evaluation practices lead to better governance

Assessment of the board improves the performance and engagement of its members, writes Fiona Chalk I had the pleasure…

Jess Staufenberg
Fiona Chalk
Adult Education

DfE – look at Scotland’s plans for an adult learning strategy

England needs an all-stages and all-levels levelling-up lifelong adult learning plan, writes Sue Pember Both Wales and Scotland are…

Jess Staufenberg
Sue Pember
Assessment, Mental Health

Now’s the time to support students with revision and exam stress

Here are five ways to talk to your learners about coping with high-stakes assessment, writes Lesley French As many…

Jess Staufenberg
Lesley French
Prison education

Five ways to create a prison education system for the 21st century

The education select committee is making the right noises around prison education, but these recommendations are important, writes Peter…

Jess Staufenberg
Peter Cox
Skills reform

Bootcamps should become a firm fixture of the national skills fund

Digital skills such as cyber security are more important than ever, and bootcamps are a good delivery model, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Caroline Fox


I’ve seen cancel culture first hand in FE

There is an intolerance in the sector for people with views contrary to the prevailing ideology, writes Tom Bewick…

Jess Staufenberg
Tom Bewick
Staffroom – Opinion

Are you tackling cultural poverty among students?

Ofsted is inspecting for ‘cultural capital’, but limited experience of the world is still holding learners back, writes Josh…

Jess Staufenberg
Josh Spears

Are you lonesome tonight? Check how your colleagues and students are feeling

Social, emotional and existential loneliness may be affecting more of your colleagues and learners than you realise, writes Stuart…

Jess Staufenberg
Stuart Rimmer

DfE – go through employers to build awareness of the lifelong loan

The lifelong loan entitlement won’t drive behaviour change unless the public know about it, write Ed Reza Schwitzer and…

Jess Staufenberg
Ed Reza Schwitzer and Patrick Thomson
Skills reform, T Levels

T Levels will make the qualifications system less confusing

But other qualifications, including BTECs, will continue to play an important role alongside T Levels and A levels, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Alex Burghart

The DfE sees SEND learners as an economic problem to solve 

The green paper offers scant support for older learners and has a narrow focus on employment outcomes, writes David…

Jess Staufenberg
David Ellis