Apprenticeship levy

Apprenticeship levy reform must be handled with care

Any attempt to reform the levy must be done in a way that is fair and fit for the…

JL Dutaut
Nichola Hay

The party conferences mark a historic moment for our sector

Political ambition and sector capacity is finally aligning to deliver the skills system the nation wants and deserves, says…

JL Dutaut
Dame Ann Limb
Workforce strategy

Worrying workforce data demands we focus more on adult skills

NFER analysis reveals a rocky road ahead for many sectors and a pressing need to make upskilling and reskilling…

JL Dutaut
Luke Bocock

The right decisions for FE will be better made locally than in Westminster

Labour will ensure the right decisions are taken by the right people in the right places, says Seema Malhotra

JL Dutaut
Seema Malhotra MP
Industrial action

Teachers must see their fair share of extra FE funding

College bosses face ‘unprecedented industrial unrest’ unless teachers get their fair share of new FE funding, writes Jo Grady

Shane Chowen
Jo Grady

Qualifications reform can’t put politicians’ interests above learners’

The prime minister’s announcement is a glaring example of the kind of political expediency he says he’s against, says…

JL Dutaut
James Kewin

Apprenticeship levy

Behind the numbers: reassessing investment in skills and training

A new IFS report reveals a need for sector reform and offers three key considerations for policy makers eyeing…

JL Dutaut
Imran Tahir

Why Ada is a better blueprint for 16-19 than ABS

On Ada Lovelace Day, and as Ada national college opens a new campus, its CEO explains why the Advanced…

JL Dutaut
Mark Smith

T Levels: The backbone of the new Advanced British Standard 

The proposed new qualification will not hold back the development of T Levels – on the contrary. Robert Halfon…

JL Dutaut
Robert Halfon MP
Skills shortages

Training ‘accidental’ scientists is key to tackling STEM skills shortages

A large number of workers are keen and just waiting for the right qualification to fill STEM workforce gaps…

JL Dutaut
Jemma Perks

Politicians have finally embraced FE. But why now?

Meg Price reveals the striking findings of a new report into public attitudes to tertiary education – with important…

JL Dutaut
Meg Price
Adult education

Excluding adults from FE reform is a costly political error

Adult learners are as deserving of funding and policy focus as all others – and fundamental to our short-term…

JL Dutaut
Simon Parkinson