Staffroom – Opinion

Why colleges should train more to become mental health first aiders  

David Murray explains why he became a mental health first aider and why he thinks more FE staff should…

JL Dutaut
David Murray

Integrating digital skills into qualifications is no longer a ‘nice to have’

Digital know-how is now essential to every sector and modern life, says James Lane. We can no longer afford…

JL Dutaut
James Lane

Is ‘good’ good enough to encompass the range of practices in FE?

Analysis of inspection reports calls into question the accuracy of a grade category ascribed to nearly two-thirds of FE…

JL Dutaut
Kerry Boffey

Every pound raised through the levy should be spent on apprenticeships

Any reform of the apprenticeship levy should first ensure it fully delivers – and is seen to deliver -…

JL Dutaut
Mandy Crawford-Lee
Training Providers

If there is a plan for ITPs, it isn’t working

The government needs to come clean on its strategy for the independent training sector before even more providers go…

Shane Chowen
Rob Foulston

It’s time to focus policy and resources on the other 50 per cent first

For all the focus on FE, none of the recent announcements will move the dial for the perenially under-resourced

JL Dutaut
Mark Dawe

Staffroom – Opinion

Learning about the dark web safely (for over-18s only)

Paul Gartside makes the case for safely exploring the theory and reality of the dark internet with learners, in…

JL Dutaut
Paul Gartside
Party Conferences 2023

The party conferences have given me renewed hope for the future of our sector

Facile reactions to the leaders’ announcements ignore the important message that colleges are at the heart of political thinking…

JL Dutaut
David Hughes

The skills sector is vital for social justice and systemic change

We must rethink the skills sector as the engine of social justice and systemic change, not just economic prosperity

JL Dutaut
Kirstie Donnelly

FE gets invited to everyone’s party – but the measures lack substance

Politicians have shifted their focus to FE, but how much is that down to HE issues being too hot…

JL Dutaut
Andy Forbes

Post-16 options are at the heart of tackling youth unemployment

The rapidly growing NEET group needs more stable and accessible qualification landscape, says Phoebe Arslanagić-Wakefield

JL Dutaut
Phoebe Arslanagić-Wakefield
Staffroom – Opinion

If only political attention stretched as far as the classroom

All the attention and wheezes directed at FE in the past few weeks would have been greatly improved by…

JL Dutaut
Dan Phillips