Enabling colleges to deliver the Advanced British Standard

The current proposals are ambitious but largely unachievable within current conditions

JL Dutaut
Gemma Simmons-Blench

DfE must act to prevent the apprenticeships system from falling APARt

A decision in 2021 has frozen the apprenticeships system in time just as the pace of change accelerates –…

JL Dutaut
Riaz Moola
International Women's Day

Flipping Women! Telling a new story about female FE leaders

Women have taken great strides in FE leadership but perceptions still don’t align with reality

JL Dutaut
Dr Rebecca Gater

Budget 2024: Vote-winning apprenticeship reforms go begging

This budget was a missed opportunity to introduce greater flexibility, reduce the burden on small business and liberalise the…

JL Dutaut
Mark Bremner

How to take our support for Ukraine’s learners to the front line

For two years, FE has championed Ukrainian learners in the UK. Now we can help those left at home…

JL Dutaut
Tony Lewin

Five ways to support students to engage in elections

Impending elections make this Voter Registration Week an important opportunity to involve learners in the democratic process, writes Harriet…

JL Dutaut
Harriet Andrews


Ofsted’s focus on employment blinkers it to the importance of wellbeing

Wellbeing has been systematically deprioritised in favour of employment measures that actually rely on it

JL Dutaut
Andrew Otty
Staffroom – Opinion

Managing difficult conversations around LGBT+ issues

Marking the end of LGBT+ history month with a look at three challenging questions students ask and how to…

JL Dutaut
Faisal Arif

Driving apprenticeships success requires someone new at the wheel

Employers make better co-pilots than drivers when it comes to delivering workplace qualifications

JL Dutaut
Lou Doyle
Apprenticeship levy

Labour’s levy plans could collapse under election scrutiny

It’s not clear Labour has done the right maths to ‘bombproof’ its levy plans from Conservative attack

JL Dutaut
Aidan Relf
Colleges Week

This election year, Colleges Week is more important than ever

This year’s celebration is the perfect opportunity to invite new political voices to witness the unique work of our…

JL Dutaut
David Hughes

Devolution is working for London’s adult learners. We need more

Colleges Week is a great time to celebrate the sector’s success in London, powered by devolved funding and control

JL Dutaut
Jules Pipe