Parents of older learners will be sceptical about the SEND review

The fight for resources becomes harder the older students become – making the SEND review especially critical for this…

Jess Staufenberg
Rachel Amos and Janvi Patel
Skills reform

The lifelong loan entitlement doesn’t fit around the situations of learners

Minimum eligibility requirements are being applied in a generic way, writes Marius S. Ostrowski A flagship item in the…

Jess Staufenberg
Marius S. Ostrowski

It’s time to talk about intersectionality in FE

The intersection of different identities is barely mentioned or discussed in FE, writes Joyce I-Hui Chen The first time…

Jess Staufenberg
Joyce I-Hui Chen
Climate Change, Covid-19

FE has been highly responsive in the pandemic – now to face climate change

With the government’s final climate change strategy due next month, Tim Oates says sound policy is needed for FE…

Jess Staufenberg
Tim Oates

Let’s extend the post-16 phase from two years to three

A pilot for a longer learning period after GCSEs is worth considering post-Covid, writes Joe Hallgarten When it comes…

Jess Staufenberg
Joe Hallgarten

£30k starting salaries is good news for school teachers, but bad news for colleges

With more pressures on college costs and teacher starting salaries set to rise to £30k in schools, the gulf…

Shane Chowen
David Hughes


We desperately need parents to control student device use at night

Parents want us to help their struggling child – but worrying habits at home are the biggest problem, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Emma Boulton Roe

The government must act quickly if targets for electrical vehicles are to be met

We are on countdown to 2030, when no more new petrol and diesel cars will be allowed – but…

Jess Staufenberg
Sue Pittock

How can we recruit more talented post-16 and FE teachers?

A new government website and marketing campaign won’t be enough to tackle rising staff vacancies, writes Geraint Jones We’ve…

Jess Staufenberg
Professor Geraint Jones

How can student engagement with Ukraine go beyond a flag on Facebook?

College leaders are increasingly having to develop thoughtful responses to the Ukraine conflict and other highly politicised issues, writes…

Jess Staufenberg
Stuart Rimmer
Staffroom – Opinion

External staff groups helped me change my classroom

Collaboration with staff outside of your own FE provider is very empowering, writes Stacey Salt When I became a…

Jess Staufenberg
Stacey Salt
Higher education

This is how to draw more HE students into FE

A personalised experience is the way to win over this emerging group of learners, writes Sali Midjek-Conway It’s more important than…

Jess Staufenberg
Sali Midjek-Conway