Nancy Buckley

Vice Principal: Business, Growth, Skills and Partnerships, Solihull College and University Centre & Stratford-Upon-Avon College

Start date: August 2023

Previous Job: Group Director – Business Development, Activate Learning

Interesting fact: A qualified librarian, Nancy has founded her own publisher consultancy business, successfully selling this before bringing her commercial experience to the college sector

Jaki Bradley

Interim Head of Adult Education Budget, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

Start date: August 2023

Previous Job: Principal, Thurrock Adult Community College

Interesting fact: Jaki started her adult education career after joining a tap dancing class at Peterborough City College 30 years ago. She then joined the college and trained as a basic skills tutor

Jamie Stevenson

Principal, Lewisham College

Start date: August 2023

Previous Job: Group Executive Director for Apprenticeships and Business Development, New City College

Interesting fact: Jamie has ran the the London marathon five times over the last six years, raising over £15,000 for charity. He’s also a former amateur show jumper

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