Leah Palmer

Interim Principal and CEO, New College Swindon

Start date: August 2023

Previous Job: Deputy CEO/Deputy Principal, New College Swindon

Interesting fact: Leah completed the hottest London Marathon on record. An experience to remember and highly recommended (in cooler weather!)

Lucy Auchincloss

Partnerships Director, Lifetime Training

Start date: September 2023

Previous Job: Director of Learning Operations – Fast Futures, Avado

Interesting fact: Lucy is an avid traveller and has a special spot for Zimbabwe where she was born. Plans for an upcoming significant birthday include a safari there and diving with Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa

Heather Marks

Deputy Principal, Boston College

Start date: August 2023

Previous job: Vice Principal – Curriculum, Quality and Learner Services, Boston College

Interesting fact: Heather is a keen skydiver in her spare time and is currently training to become a fully licensed skydiver

Lee Pryor

Acting Principal, Leeds City College’s Printworks Campus

Start date: August 2023

Previous job: Director of Apprenticeships, Luminate Education Group

Interesting fact: Lee trained in one of the first cohorts of Project 2000 Nursing at the Lakeland School of Nursing and Midwifery, Carlisle

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