Lisa Humphries

Chair, National Association for Managers of Student Services

Start date: March 2023

Concurrent job: Assistant Principal: Students/Customers, Chichester College Group

Interesting fact: Lisa returned to work at Chichester College 20 years after her time there as a student and student president. For the last 10 years, she has spent two weeks every summer volunteering in Kenya with staff and students on education projects

Ciaran Roche

Public Affairs Manager, AELP

Start date: March 2023

Previous job: Public Affairs and Prospect Research Officer, University of Salford

Interesting fact: Ciaran is fascinated by all things history, the older the better. If you want to get him talking ask him about Herodotus or Roman coins; if you want him to keep quiet, give him a book.

Chris Rose

Marketing Director, HIT Training

Start date: March 2023

Previous job: Head of Marketing, HIT Training

Interesting fact: Before working in marketing Chris had a career working and managing in pubs and hotels where he also trained as a barista.

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