Micaela Barlow

Quality Director, HIT Training

Start date: Match 2023

Previous job: Head of Quality, HIT Training

Interesting fact: Micaela is a grade 8 saxophone player starting off in her school band and getting the opportunity at the age of 16 to play in a band at the Epcot Centre, Florida.

Joe Crossley

Interim Membership Services Director, AELP

Start date: March 2023

Previous job: Chief Executive Officer, Qube Learning

Interesting fact: Joe is a motor racing enthusiast and was recently overtaken by AELP’s Simon Ashworth at a track day.

Emma Beal

Principal and Chief Executive, Northern College

Start date: March 2023

Previous job: Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Quality and Market Development, Northern College

Interesting fact: Emma starred alongside Stephen Fry and Lulu in a straight-to-DVD movie filmed in Sheffield in 1999 and featured as the backend of a dancing dragon at Glastonbury Festival in the same year.

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