Tamara Pierce

Associate Director – Teaching and Learning, Middlesbrough College

Start date: November 2022

Previous job: Advanced Practitioner, Education Training Collective

Interesting fact: Tamara started her career as a history teacher and continues to be a keen historian. She is particularly interested in the development of women’s rights in the 20th Century.

Bernard Grenville-Jones

Managing Director, Activate Apprenticeships and Business School

Start date: November 2022

Concurrent job: Executive Director (Enterprise), Activate Learning Group

Interesting fact: Before becoming an executive, Bernard was one of Activate’s governors and founded Activate Apprenticeships and Business School. He is also a qualified tree surgeon, although doesn’t get much practice and thinks he would probably be far too slow to do it for a living.

Kiri Baxter

Head of Region – South West, WEA

Start date: November 2022

Previous job: Senior Education Manager, WEA

Interesting fact: Kiri is a keen sports fan and has travelled the world based on sporting events, as well as having played rugby at Twickenham. Kiri has also published on feminist theory and feminist methodologies.

Andrew Erwich

Operations Director, AELP

Start date: November 2022

Previous job: Director of Employment and Social Impact, QA Ltd

Interesting fact: Andy is a Force’s child and has moved regularly throughout his life, becoming an explorer at heart, be it travelling abroad and falling into a great book or ballet performance. He’d rather discover new things by getting lost than knowing where he’s going, except when driving!

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