Kam Nandra
Assistant Principal – Quality, South and City College Birmingham

Start date: November 2022
Previous Job: Director, Nandra Education Ltd

Interesting fact: Kam says the best CPD he ever took part in was an introduction to plaiting hair. He is now an expert and is allowed to plait his seven-year-old daughter’s hair!

Amber Massey
Director of Hairdressing and Beauty Academies, Learning Curve Group

Start date: November 2022

Previous Job: Head of Sector – Hairdressing and Barbering, Realise

Interesting fact: Amber started her hairdressing career path at 15 whilst still at school doing an evening course and then started teaching hairdressing and barbering when she was 20

John Low

Chair, JTL Training

Start date: November 2022

Previous Job: Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation

Interesting fact: John has driven on the bottom of the English Channel in a submarine with wheels while testing sonar imaging equipment with a French crew

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