Rosa Wells

Executive Dean – Engineering, Digital and Sustainable Construction, University College Birmingham

Start date: November 2022

Previous Job: Executive Director, Solihull College and University Centre & Greater Birminghan & Solihull IoT Interesting fact: Rosa is a trained aerospace engineer and has taught all over the country from Inverness to Southampton.

Clair Hanson

Area Education Manager – Greater Manchester, WEA

Start date: November 2022

Previous Job: ESF Community Grants Project Organiser, WEA

Interesting fact: Clair was proud to become a first time graduate at the age
of 40, which is why she is passionate about adult education and the WEA. She also runs an Instagram account tracking the adventures of her family pet, Bill the Chinchilla, at @marplechinchilla

Chris Payne

Managing Director, Acacia Training

Start date: October 2022

Previous Job: Chief Executive Officer, NEBOSH

Interesting fact: Chris once played the character Tony Manero in a local theatre production of Saturday Night Fever for charity

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