Emma Barrett-Peel

Chief Operating Officer, Learning Curve Group

Start date: November 2022

Previous Job: Director of Apprenticeships, Learning Curve Group

Interesting fact: As a teen, Emma spent many years as an air cade. She aspired to be a jet pilot but at the time women were not allowed to fly in combat

Randeep Sami

Vice Principal – James Watt College, BMET

Start date: October 2022

Previous Job: Director of Quality Improvement, Solihull College and University Centre

Interesting fact: Randeep once competed in, and won, an episode of Come Dine With Me. These days, he trains in thai boxing with his daughter who, at nine years old, won the British championship

Nick Barnes

Assistant Principal, Stockton 6th Form College

Start date: October 2022

Previous Job: Director of Stewart Park, Askham Bryan College

Interesting fact: Outside of work, Nick enjoys cycling and swimming which has led to completing a number of triathlons including an ironman

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