Movers and Shakers


Charlotte Razzell

Director of Corporate Services, Education and Training Foundation

Start date: June 2022

Previous Job: Director of Finance and Resources, The Early Intervention

Interesting fact: Charlotte relaxes by writing science fiction stories for her children

Grant Glendinning

Chief Executive Officer and Group Principal, Education Training Collective

Start date: August 2022

Previous Job: Executive Principal, NCG

Interesting fact: Once a keen guitarist, Grant played in a couple of failed, never-signed bands in the 90s, and has played alongside Craig Gannon (Smiths), Sean McCann (Audioweb) and once jammed with Tony Burnside (Yargo)

Elliot White

Head of Adult Skills, Leicestershire County Council

Start date: June 2022

Previous Job: Senior Adult Learning Manager, Leicestershire County Council

Interesting fact: Elliot caught the travel bug after starting his teaching and education career in Kazakhstan

Guy Ballantine

Chief Executive Officer, Skills Training UK

Start date: June 2022

Previous Job: Chief Operating Officer, Thomas International

Interesting fact: Guy’s career highlights include running a 400-student art and design college in Cambridge and being interim CEO of a global psychometric testing business for 12 months during the height of the pandemic

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