Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving

Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving


Andy Forbes, Head of Development, Respublica

Start date: January 2022

Previous job: Principal, City Of Bristol College

Interesting fact: He has moved from being a member of Respublica’s lifelong education commission to being taken on as an employee. He believes he is the first former FE principal to work for a national think tank

Hannah Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, Learning Curve Group

Start date: January 2022

Previous job: Director of Information and Data Services, NCG

Interesting fact: Hannah spent nine years as a meteorologist and oceanographer in the Royal Navy

Candace Miller, Non-Executive Director, Federation of Awarding Bodies

Start Date: December 2021

Concurrent job: Managing Director, SFJ Awards

Interesting fact: Candace has re-homed 10 rescue dogs , six abandoned cats and one unwanted billy goat over the years, with her current family pets being a lazy, lab-type and a hyper-active collie cross.


Gill Miller, Chief People Officer, City College Plymouth

Start date: January 2022

Previous Job: Organisational Development Lead, Livewell Southwest

Interesting fact: Gill spent eight years volunteering with Festival Medical Services, working as a physiotherapist backstage at Glastonbury and Reading Festivals

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