Louise Ranford

Operations Manager for English Maths & ESOL, Learn Plus Us

Start date: May 2023

Previous Job: Head of Skills, PILOT IMS

Interesting fact: Louise is an adrenaline junkie and did a wing walk for her 40th birthday, raising money for Acorns Hospice. Whilst it was the most uncomfortable thing she’s done, she is planning to do another one, with a loop the loop!

Joe Turner

Managing Director, Novo Training Group

Start date: June 2023

Previous Job: Managing Director, BCE Group

Interesting fact: When travelling the world Joe spent time living with a tribe in Thailand

Tony Holloway

Operations and Quality Director, Learn Plus Us

Start date: June 2023

Previous Job: Interim Operations Director, Learn Plus Us

Interesting fact: Tony once walked from London to Birmingham (144 Miles) along the grand union canal and then the circumference of the Isle of Wight to raise over £10,000 for a children’s hospice

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