Ungraded and ‘requires improvement’ providers can deliver more T Levels sooner

Updated guidance makes 'requires improvement' and ungraded providers eligible to deliver more T Levels from September 2023.

Updated guidance makes 'requires improvement' and ungraded providers eligible to deliver more T Levels from September 2023.

21 Jul 2022, 11:36

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Providers without an Ofsted grade can now apply to deliver more T Levels sooner, along with those with a ‘requires improvement’ rating. 

In an update to its T Level guidance for providers this morning, the Department for Education has made more providers eligible to deliver more T Levels from September 2023.

The Department says this is “to ensure as many young people as possible can benefit from them.”

The update also confirms that the T Level in animal care and management, originally planned to be introduced in 2023, has been delayed to 2024.

The new guidance states that providers with a ‘requires improvement’ Ofsted rating, and those without one at all, can now apply to deliver T Levels that launch this September from September 2023.

Those are T Levels in:

  • accounting
  • design and development for engineering and manufacturing
  • engineering, manufacturing, processing and control
  • finance
  • maintenance, installation and repair for engineering and manufacturing
  • management and administration

Before now, providers had to be rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ to deliver the 2022 T Levels in 2023. Earlier this week, £74 million in capital funding was awarded to colleges in preparation for 2023 starts.

All providers however are eligible to deliver T Levels introduced in 2020 and 2021 from September 2023 regardless of Ofsted rating. 

The change signals the Department’s intention to grow the provider-base for T Levels when the national roll-out commences next year.

“Until now, only Ofsted ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ providers have been eligible to deliver T Levels first introduced in 2022 from 2023. We are now extending this to allow providers with a ‘requires improvement’ Ofsted or with no formal Ofsted designation to deliver these T Levels” the guidance states. 

Providers graded ‘inadequate’ will still only be allowed to deliver the T Levels introduced in 2020 and 2021 in 2023.

Along with the appropriate Ofsted grade, providers need a 16-19 student programme contract to be eligible to apply. 

This change comes just days before an upcoming registration deadline. 

Providers wishing to deliver T Levels from September 2023 must register with the Department by July 29, 2022 in order to access up-front delivery funding.

T Levels Ofsted eligibility table


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  1. Frustrated again

    It is a shame that this announcement comes out after the T Level capital bids to support 2023 delivery have been announced… ! Many RI institutions have now missed out on the opportunity to fully prepare and improve their resources if they want to offer these additional T Level routes in 2023. Many RI colleges who are now eligible to offer additional routes at very short notice have missed out previous capital opportunities due to their grade and have struggled for investment so, despite the opportunity this announcement presents it is very frustrating that many institutions will struggle to provide a “flagship” experience for the “flagship” qualification