NAW 2021 | FE White paper & the next phase of apprenticeship reform (recording)

NAW 2021 Apprenticeship Roundtable

Yesterday afternoon a group of sector leaders and policymakers took part in an FE Week roundtable to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

The roundtable, in partnership with NCFE, was an opportunity to debate and explore the impact of the FE white paper published last month on apprenticeships.

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Roundtable Title: Quantity AND quality: FE White paper & the next phase of apprenticeship reform

Panel: Nick Linford, FE Week (Chair), David Gallagher, CEO, NCFE, Jennifer Coupland, CEO, IfATE, Jeff Uden, Head of Talent & L&D, Iceland Group, Paul Joyce HMI, Ofsted, Tim Smith, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Multiverse, Lucy Hunte, National Programme Manager, Health Education England, Jo Maher, Principal, Loughborough College,
Crawford Knott, CEO, Hawk Training

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  1. Teresa Frith

    An interesting session reminding us of the issues that we all know exist.
    I completely agree that we need to define ‘quality’ but the thing that never seems to get mentioned is defining ’employer’. We all need to be clear by what we mean when we say ’employers’ and be confident that they are (or indeed are not) speaking for the whole of their sector. The references in the FE White Paper to the need for data to inform decisions is helpful, as is the link with National strategy and data. Providers (or all types) are actually relatively easy to talk to en masse……. determining who and how to talk to ’employers’ is a very different matter!