Lauren Mistry<br><br>Strategy and Communications Youth<br>Employment UK<br><br>Start date February 2023<br><br>Previous Job Director of Impact<br><br>Interesting fact In her spare time Lauren can usually be found running after her four year old child or seven year rescue<br>dog and most commonly both

Sally Burtonshaw

Associate Director Education, Public First

Start date: February 2023

Previous Job: Head of Policy, London Higher

Interesting fact: Sally is a keen skier and qualified ski instructor who enjoys nothing more than a blue bird day in the mountains

<br>Chloe Hudson Jones<br><br>Head of Projects Newcastle Stafford Colleges Group<br><br>Start date January 2023<br><br>Previous Job Director of Technology<br><br>Apprenticeships and Commercial Stoke on Trent College<br><br>Interesting fact Chloe is a retired professional footballer having played in<br>the Womens Super League for Liverpool before transitioning into coaching She is<br>currently a BBC pundit for the Barclays Womens Super League Group <br>

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