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Adrian Cottrell, Deputy principal, Waltham Forest College

Start date: January 2018
Previous job: Interim vice principal for finance and resources, Amersham & Wycombe College
Interesting fact: Adrian wants to take up shepherding with his own flock of sheep. He hasn’t told his family yet.


Dominique Unsworth, SME ambassador for Apprenticeships, Apprenticeship Ambassador Network

Start date: October 2017
Previous job: Managing director, Resource Productions (ongoing)
Interesting fact: Dominique used to work at Slough Museum and co-wrote a book on the modern history of Slough, called The Changing Face of Slough.


James Bagley, Principal, Gateway College

Start date: November 2017
Previous job: Vice-principal for curriculum and quality, Gateway College
Interesting fact: James loves spicy food and grows a range of chillies to dry, cook with, and make into sauces.


Joe Crossley, CEO, Qube Learning

Start date: December 2017
Previous job: Business development director, Qube Learning
Interesting fact: Joe is a car enthusiast and his favourite car is the classic Porsche.


Angela Walsh, Group apprenticeship coordinator, NEC Group

Start date: September 2017
Previous job: Tutor and assessor, Solihull College and University Centre
Interesting fact: Angela’s perfect Friday night involves Italian food and a large glass of red wine.


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