IPS Ltd bringing tailor-fit solutions to the Further Education Sector


Established for almost thirteen years, IPS Ltd has created systems for the Further Education sector and has provided end-to-end solutions across the UK.

We understand that colleges already have systems in place and our focus is to join what they already have together to make them work in a brand-new way.

We focus on integrating to a colleges current MIS system and transform it into the Colleges heart of technology, using the data to push through to a range of systems; from ID Card SoftwareCashless CateringAccess Control and even our online payment platform which enables staff and students to be self-reliant and use these functionalities without having to wait for even the College to be open, they can even book online therapy sessions with our partner Mindspace24/7, who provides qualified coaches and therapists to staff and students, helping them with any mental health issues that they may have at any time of day, even out of term time.

Our systems enhance Safeguarding policies, making students safer than ever, and all with the input that is done through the MIS system. Not only can we do this, but we also reduce the workload for staff as there is no need for any additional input to any other software.

“The systems have been integrated to our MIS system, Prosolution, so that they extract the data from it. Our MIS system is now the heart of the College.

The benefits from this have meant that no person is able to enter College premises without being on a current course, meaning they will not be able to access the college building if their course date has expired or they have previously withdrawn

As all the IPS Ltd systems are synchronised with each other, our students receive a variety of key benefits in using these systems. They can top-up their ID Cards to pay for items in the catering outlets, either online or using our facial recognition kiosks and can even use their ID Cards in the College libraries.

Having self-service systems in place has meant, queue time has been reduced for a range of departments, including catering, reception, and student services, meaning there is no need for large amounts of students to be in one area.

Our staff find them easy to use and they can function around the systems in no time at all. Catering Managers can add on new items and meal deals without having to be at a till.

When a student scans their card at the till, the Operators can see the credit that is on the card, and they also see the student photo to ensure that the right person is using the right card.

Most importantly our Finance department can see the overview of all revenue and individual reports for our catering departments, our external catering outlets and even our kiosks.

Overall, IPS Ltd continues to provide our college with new innovative technology to enforce our policies and procedures to a much stronger level, giving us the reassurance and confidence to be able to focus our attention at a higher level of capability.” John Billington, Director of Facilities & Technical Services, Hugh Baird College

To see how students use our systems during their time in college, why not look at our video.

Want to know more?

IPS Ltd has set up several monthly webinars, the first webinar is on Thursday 28th October 2021, from 10.30 am – 11.30 am, this webinar will provide you with information about how our integration and automation works and how our systems work with yours.

You can take a look at our webinar range HERE, and you and your colleagues are welcome to register to any of them or call 01202 006677 for more information.

IPS Ltd has partnered with Hugh Baird College and Sapien Care Group to bring professionals of today to speak with professionals of tomorrow.

Further Education College tutors spend time structuring lessons to enable students to learn the criteria that is required for them to successfully complete their courses.

Health and Social Care students have allocated hours in a number of areas, from work placement, lessons and also enrichment hours, which students are required to complete away from their course timetable.

“For almost 13 years, IPS Ltd.’s primary customers are within the education sector, meaning that we meet many Further Education College staff from across the country, all of whom have a passion and vision for what they do and how it enables the student journey to be outstanding, aiming for them to gain the best knowledge for their future careers.

The IPS Ltd and Sapien Care Group partnership provides an extensive portfolio of professionals within the Health and Social Care setting, in turn this gives students in FE Colleges an exciting new opportunity to learn from them and ask them questions”. Robert Powell, Managing Director, IPS Ltd.

“Many students enrol onto our Health and Social Care courses, with their career pathway being very vague. I hear many of them say that they want to become a nurse but not knowing in what profession.” Philippa Law, Assistant Director for Technical Skills at Hugh Baird College.

With the combination of IPS Ltd, Sapien Care Group and Hugh Baird College, we are delighted to be able to present to you i-Enrich.

This brand-new opportunity provides you and your students to be a part of a series of webinars that are hosted by Robert Powell, Managing Director of IPS Ltd and compered by Philippa Law, Assistant Director for Technical Skills at Hugh Baird College.

Each webinar will present a unique topic that will be relevant to your students and will consist of guest speakers that are highly professional and work within the Health and Social Care setting, and your students will get to understand and learn from their life experiences and knowledge. 

Meaning they are eligible to classify attending the webinars as a maximum of thirty enrichment hours from their course.

Each guest speaker is excited to be a part of this experience, to share their knowledge and know that they are speaking to the next generation of health and social care professionals.

We would like to invite you and your students to join us at our webinars so that they gain the i-Enrich experience

Webinars are accessible everywhere, meaning that all Health and Social Care students within all FE Colleges can join us and be a part of this experience, our aim is to give our future Health and Social Care professionals as much information as possible to help them to choose the right pathway, and for them to be able to learn from current experienced professionals of today.

As a college, you can book for your students and staff to be involved, they can ask any questions to our guest speakers and listen to their stories.

Take a look at a short clip of the previous September 2021 webinar, Working from the Bottom up with our Guest Speaker Trisha Kelly a Senior Consultant from Fulcrum Care

If you would like your Health and Social Care staff and students to be a part of our webinars, then there are two options available to you. 

Either book to attend the full series or choose any webinars from our series.  

For more information on the Health and Social Care webinars and to read about our highly professional guest speakers click HERE

If you have any further questions, contact IPS Ltd on 01202 006 677.

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