As an employer myself, it was a surprise to learn that Ofsted had decided not to take any action against one of its own employees for vehemently criticising Sir Michael Wilshaw.

But on reflection, Wilshaw’s outspoken criticism of the sector has created an unprecedented situation.

He brought Ofsted into disrepute as a witness to the education select committee, expressing personal views that did not reflect the position of the important organisation he leads.

Ofsted said in its statement, explaining why it had dropped the investigation against Mr Davis, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I don’t think that can ever really apply though to the leader of the national inspectorate — who should always bear in mind the importance of maintaining its credibility with all of the education sectors.

It is little wonder then that inspectors who represent him on the front line feel let down, and Mr Davis was speaking up for them.

Mr Davis writes with a great deal of authority on page 14, and has shown a huge amount of guts by speaking out.

And given the special circumstances, Ofsted should also be congratulated for backing away from disciplining him.

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