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  • Profile: Professor Kevin Orr

    Jess Staufenberg meets an education researcher with a unique and singular focus on teaching in further education Professor Kevin Orr of the University of Huddersfield has spent his whole career teaching or researching into teaching in the further education sector. Listening to his soft Belfast lilt as he eloquently explains both roles, it strikes me

    5.00 Feb. 4th, 2020 | Profiles

  • Profile: Stuart Rimmer

    Jess Staufenberg meets Stuart Rimmer, whose entrepreneurial streak has helped guide his leadership of East Coast College Hanging above Stuart Rimmer’s head is a portrait of an austere woman with a wide-brimmed hat and lace collar. She’s looking sideways, face half in shadow, into the office of the East Coast College principal. The Suffolk institution

    5.00 Jan. 28th, 2020 | Profiles

  • Profile: Neil Bentley-Gockmann

    JL Dutaut meets Neil Bentley-Gockmann, the WorldSkills UK CEO whose journey meant leaving behind his community, only better to give back to it Neil Bentley-Gockmann has found his professional “sweet spot”, so the Harvard course in authentic leadership he attended a few years ago would call it. As CEO of WorldSkills UK – the charity

    5.00 Jan. 21st, 2020 | Profiles

  • How colleges can recruit the community governors they need

    Becoming a college governor is an intimidating prospect, writes Mark Trinick. Recognising that is the first step to recruiting your college community’s brightest and most committed Community governors bring real value to a college’s decision making. This much is clear to me now, but I faced some barriers to becoming one, and I’m not uninformed

    5.00 Jan. 20th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Time to get serious about developing governor capacity

    As the role of college governor grows, the need for more support grows too. Help is already at hand, explains Mark Wright The role of the governor has become hugely more challenging in the past few years. Colleges are growing in size and complexity, and financial pressures mean there is an increasing need for forensic

    5.00 Jan. 20th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Preventing college and ITP failures is a matter of relationships

    If the sector’s reputation is ever to recover from the damage caused by college and ITP failures, the ESFA needs to be more than just a ‘funding body’, writes Tony Allen As an ex-deputy director of the SFA, news that Dame Mary Ney’s anticipated report into college finances will highlight serious shortcomings on the part

    5.00 Jan. 19th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Apprenticeship take-ups suffer from pro-university data bias

    The Government’s continued failure to deliver on its own apprenticeship take-up target is, in part, a symptom of its failure to properly inform school leavers of the realities of higher education, warns Lawrence Barton The Government is failing to achieve its own targets for the take-up of apprenticeships. Meanwhile, the symbolic target of 50 per cent

    5.00 Jan. 18th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Profile: Anna Morrison

    Jess Staufenberg meets an unconventional leader on a mission to unpick the apprenticeships system Many education leadership success stories begin with somebody being the first in their family to go to university, beating all odds and rising through the ranks from there. Anna Morrison is different. The director of Amazing Apprenticeships – the daughter of

    5.00 Jan. 14th, 2020 | Profiles

  • Radical college reform is inevitable. Let's embrace it

    There is broad agreement that the FE sector needs radical reform, yet little consensus on the detail. But what if that was all the agreement we really needed, asks Ann Limb There’s nothing like ‘yesterday’s men’ (or women) appearing in the media to offer comment on the issues of the day from their own retrospective

    5.00 Jan. 13th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Improving teacher wellbeing requires commitment at all levels

    A range of factors have made FE a less happy place over the past decade. There are strategies we need to adopt to change that, writes Kirsti Lord Staff are the backbone of further education colleges and this week’s EPI report on the wellbeing of the school workforce made for sobering reading. Despite the average

    5.00 Jan. 12th, 2020 | Opinion

  • A new beginning for apprenticeships or business as usual?

    The general election delivered a landslide for the Conservatives. But what does it all mean for apprenticeships and training, asks Richard Alberg The Conservative Party won an 80-seat majority, their largest since 1987. Among other outcomes, uncertainty around Brexit has temporarily abated. The Withdrawal Agreement has passed, and we will transition out of the European

    5.00 Jan. 11th, 2020 | Opinion