JL Dutaut

  • Vision express: how FE policy has wasted billions

    As Gavin Williamson promises to match Germany in the delivery of vocational and technical education in ten years, JL Dutaut looks back at the mismatch between vision and reality over the past twenty years. It was an education policy announcement that grabbed the headlines. Fifty per cent of young people would access higher education. A

    5.03 Oct. 15th, 2019 | News

  • Can Gavin Williamson avoid falling into the ongoing NEET trap?

    Looking to the national future is a nightmare at the best of times for politicians, let alone in this troubled period, but Gavin Williamson has done just that. Samantha Windett wonders whether he walked into a trap This year’s party conference season has been somewhat overshadowed by the Supreme Court, a potential autumn election and

    5.06 Oct. 14th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Mind the gap. Williamson should look at education in the round

    The FE sector will be pleased to have a champion in the new secretary of state, writes Ruth Gilbert, but as long as this false separation of schools and colleges continues we’re unlikely to “beat Germany by 2029” Gavin Williamson’s announcement of the government’s ambition to make English technical education rival Germany’s within a decade

    5.05 Oct. 13th, 2019 | Opinion

  • FE and AP: A match made in heaven

    An FE-led trust has benefited her alternative and special provision schools, says Jo Southby. They have contributed great things to the college too, but, most of all, it has influenced positive changes for young people at all stages of their education In 2017 our successful federation of alternative and special provision schools joined a multi-academy

    5.04 Oct. 12th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Agnew’s appointment shows colleges are now being taken seriously

    The Department for Education has appointed Lord Agnew to take responsibility for the FE Commissioner and college financial oversight and intervention. Kirsti Lord explains why this is something to be pleased about, not worried Colleges should welcome the announcement that Lord Agnew has become the third government minister to have further education as part of

    10.07 Oct. 10th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Gavin Williamson’s vision is a catalyst for international perspective

    Of all the words spoken at this week’s Conservative Party Conference, I don’t think any were more powerful or persuasive than those of the UK Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson. Referencing the fact that we have just recently met the 1997 Labour government’s target of 50% of young people going to university, the Secretary of State’s

    11.43 Oct. 3rd, 2019 | Opinion

  • Beating Germany needs more than quick fixes

    The Secretary of State’s Conservative Party conference speech unveiled an ambition to overtake Germany by 2029 in the technical and vocational education opportunities we offer.  His objective is laudable, but what does it mean, and is it achievable? The first thing to note is that we have been here before.  Since at least the 1880s

    16.29 Oct. 1st, 2019 | Opinion

  • The future of colleges: lessons from Scotland's regionalisation

    In the first of a series of features exploring the themes raised by the College of the Future Commission, JL Dutaut looks at regionalisation, a Scottish government policy that transformed further education there, and is very much on the commission chair’s mind. It is five years since Scotland’s policy of rationalising its further education sector

    5.00 Oct. 1st, 2019 | Feature

  • High expectations are key to student retention

    Ofsted was right to chastise us for poor student retention, says Len Tildsley, but our learning journey since shows unlocking success requires more than resilience. So what do you need, and what happens when you apply that to young people? Four years ago we had a particular problem with retention of young students.  We simply

    13.32 Sep. 26th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Community and culture come first in Norwich

    Many leaders wrestle with the challenge of building an effective and coherent team. At City College Norwich, JL Dutaut finds that Corrienne Peasgood has not so much built one as grown one. Decisions can feel like a high-wire act when you’re in a position of responsibility. Mistakes are visible, and inevitable. “There have to be

    5.00 Sep. 23rd, 2019 | Feature