The sector must do better than to talk to itself about policy

The Association of Colleges’ new document is a classic case of lobbying for sector unity rather than deliverable policy

JL Dutaut
Tim Leunig

What Ofsted will hear when it listens to training providers

Results of our own survey show training providers are crying out for inspections that reflect the strengths of their...

JL Dutaut
Kerry Boffey

College Financial Handbook 2024: making the best of a bad job

Instead of delivering a more streamlined system, the new College Financial Handbook adds to the sector's over-regulation and confusion

JL Dutaut
Mark Taylor

How colleges can help students attain the green roles they want

Students want sustainable jobs and construction can offer them but more work needs to be done to bring supply...

JL Dutaut
Sam Sutcliffe

Educators and employers must do more to encourage women into the digital industry

Studying IT at college changed my career trajectory. More girls should be encouraged to do the same

JL Dutaut
Bhushita Jolly

The PM’s apprenticeship reforms are a drop in the ocean

The apprenticeships system is dangerously out of sync with the way our vital sector actually operates and this is...

JL Dutaut
Nicola Hodkinson
Staffroom - Opinion

Why faith is a cornerstone of effective EDI work

Tensions between sets of beliefs can arise, but faith is still the best through which to see our way...

JL Dutaut
Claudette Douglas

Quality achievement rates create inequalities by design

QARs are a blunt tool for measuring provider quality and must be part of a wider and more accurate...

JL Dutaut
Adele Oxberry
Election 2024

Labour must answer key questions about its Growth and Skills Levy

Plans for apprenticeship levy reform must be discussed with the whole sector and clear about all their financial implications

JL Dutaut
Mandy Crawford-Lee