Justine Greening wants to tell you about T-levels, which in truth appear to be going nowhere fast or somewhere slowly, even though the advanced learner loans system, a major technical policy from 2013, is in need of rescuing now, not by 2023.

The worst thing is that the government appears to be in denial as to how to rescue the unpopular and discredited loans model.

The person in the street might be forgiven for thinking it’s just extra money that’s not been spent.

But readers will know it replaced grant funding, so the £1 billion underspend uncovered by our investigation isn’t just disappointing, it represents a huge reduction in spending on higher-level technical education.

The government needs to make good on its manifesto commitment to “launch a major review of funding across tertiary education”, but there has been precious little sign of this so far.

We can’t just wait for the magic, “world-class” T-level tree to sort all our ills.

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