Lack of EPA is a disaster for apprentices and government

It is a disaster if even a single apprentice has reached what should be the end of their studies in this new wave of apprenticeship standards and finds there’s no end-point assessment.

It’s disastrous for the credibility of what we hope will become a universally revered form of training, and worse yet, crushing for the learner who has invested faith in their apprenticeship and been let down by the system.

The government has been warned: we reported in December that more than half of the approved standards still had no approved assessment organisation, and the clock was ticking down to the first learners’ completion date.

The former top skills civil servant Dr Sue Pember said at the time it was “morally wrong” to let learners even begin training without an approved awarding organisation in place.

She is now among the very senior sector figures who are saddened now that it looks like some learners really won’t be able to complete.

This isn’t good enough and simply wouldn’t happen with equivalent academic qualifications.

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