It’s fantastic news that the government has backed-up its T-level plans with a significant cash commitment.

Yes I know that the headline figure of £500 million-a-year won’t be realised until after 2020, with far lower sums committed in the preceding couple of years.

But it’s worth remembering that the government said last July there would be no new money to fund these 15 new routes.

There’s obviously been a major change of heart which is to be welcomed.

Lots of detail still needs to be worked on, with the plan for example for just one awarding organisation for each qualification bound to cause headaches.

But a sensible amount of time is being allowed, for the many kinks to be ironed out, before full implementation in 2022, with a small number of pathfinder routes in 2019.

This is of course in stark contrast to the imminent apprenticeship reforms, which many people justifiably fear are being rushed.

All in all I think the sector needs to embrace T-levels. If we maintain a positive outlook, we can help shape qualifications that should significantly boost the standing of FE and benefit thousands of learners in the process.

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