Hackney Community College and Tower Hamlets College set to merge in August

Hackney Community College and Tower Hamlets College have announced plans to merge from August this year.

A spokesperson for the two London colleges said their intention is to create a “single, larger and more sustainable college” that is “better able to meet current and future local needs”.

Both colleges will keep their individual existing campuses, names and branding.

The spokesperson added: “The merger will create a significant educational provider in London, supporting the success of around 17,000 students and apprentices, 800 staff and with a combined turnover of around £40m. It will benefit from combined staff talent, facilities and financial resources.”

The new board of governors will be made up of an equal number of governors from the two existing colleges, with a new, independent chair. The governance structure of the new college will however take on a new name.

Martin Earwicker, chair of Tower Hamlets College’s board of governors, said: “We are all very excited to be at this stage of the merger process. Throughout, both corporations have been concerned with ensuring that we are able to continue to provide our respective local communities with access to high quality further education. This merger will enable us to continue to do so for many years.”

Tom Mautner, chair of Hackney Community College’s board of governors, said: “Through this merger we will be in an excellent position to achieve our shared vision of maintaining high quality and wide-ranging further education in Hackney and Tower Hamlets, and beyond. The synergy between the two colleges is very strong, with shared values and ambition, and I am confident of a successful future for the newly-merged organisation.”

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