Education destination measures for students entering and leaving FE will be published for the first time this summer.

The measures, due to be published in July, will show percentage of students progressing to further learning in a school, further education or sixth form college, apprenticeship or higher education institution.

The Department for Education (DfE) announced the move on their website on April 19, saying: “We have made it very clear that we want to put more information into the public domain so that parents and students can make informed choices about the performance of schools and colleges in their area.

“The destination measures will provide clear and comparable information on the success of schools and colleges in helping all their students take qualifications that offer them the best opportunity to progress.

“They will also encourage institutions to make sure their students receive the support needed to prepare for and complete the transition on to a positive sustained destination.”

Two destination measures will be introduced, which will show the destinations of young people the year after they leave school or college.

The Key Stage 4 measure, according to the DfE, will be based on activity at academic age 16, the year after the young person left compulsory schooling, while the 16-18 measure will be based on activity in the year after learning at age 16-18.

The DfE said: “The measures will be based on participation in all of the first two terms (defined as October to March) of the year after the young person left the institution.

“This will encourage schools and colleges to support and prepare their students to progress to a destination which offers sustained engagement. It is also the measurement period that is closest to the point at which the young person left their former institution and so is the point over which the institution has most influence.”

However, this is only phase 1 of the project. For phase 2, the DfE will work on including the “more complex” employment destinations and, if the data is robust enough, they we aim to publish both education and employment destinations in Spring 2013.

The measures will be based on the data the DfE already receives and there will be no additional data collection required.

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  1. Where on earth will this data come from though? There’s nothing in this year that will tell them this for July is there? Or are they publishing what the measures will *be* in July, to collect for 12/13?
    I suggest it will either be gibberish or we’ll have to collect something new…