Government revises 29 apprenticeship framework funding rates

The potential funding rates for health and social care apprenticeship frameworks, among many others, have been increased by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

The agency announced today that a total of 29 funding bands for framework pathways had been “revised” to ensure providers can “deliver quality training and employers are getting value for money”.

Twenty six of these have seen an increase in funding, but three have experienced a decrease.

Health and social care had been a particular framework that people in the FE sector had felt was being under funded. Its band has now been increased from £1,500 to £2,000.

It is one of 26 bands which will increase with the new funding being applied for new starts from August 1 this year.

Other frameworks included in these 26 are vehicle maintenance and repair, exercise and fitness, equine and public relations (full list below).

The three frameworks to experience a decrease in funding will have their new bands applied for new starts from October 1 and include providing financial services and engineering manufacture.

The government still intends to phase all frameworks out, replacing them where appropriate with the new graded standards, by 2020.


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  1. Blue Boy

    The rate increases for health and social care is too little too late and will provide little incentive for providers to engage. The Care Leadership and Management Framework small increase is restricted to the specialist pathway which represents a very small percentage of the total numbers who historically have completed this Framework anyway. Given that the Government have now paused again the Framework removal deadline, the decision of Skills for Care to terminate all the Frameworks prematurely in December 2017 seems even more miss-guided. Sadly, these measures do nothing to change the gloomy outlook for apprenticeships in this sector.