Hasan Chowhury’s winning photo

I feel my photo represents college because it captured the learning moment. It reminds me of students and tutors working together to produce the best portraits.

During a studio based portrait session, students are learning to use different lighting techniques.

In this photo, the tutor is explaining how to set up main-light, hair-light and fill-in-light to add an eye catching impact to a portrait.

As well as the use of various lighting techniques, I also needed a flash and reflector to achieve the best results.

I am very excited, as I have never won anything like this before. I hope to eventually launch my own photographic business and this has given me a lot more confidence that I will achieve this one day.

Knowing that I won has already made me feel a lot more confident about dealing with people I am photographing. It makes me think that I am definitely on the right track.



Harrison Dowling
Arnie Monteith
Mia Parvizi
Lee smith




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