EuroSkills 2018: ‘Awesome’ finish to competitions for Team UK

It’s been a tiring and testing week but Team UK are feeling “amazing” and “awesome” to have today finished competitions at EuroSkills 2018.

Hairdressing competitor Gavin Jon Kyte, who works and trains at Reds Hair Company in Herefordshire, had huge support from friends and family throughout his journey in Budapest.

“I didn’t even know my friends and family were stood there but to see them when I finished was awesome,” he told FE Week.

“I’m quite happy with what I’ve done but it is a waiting game now and see what happens tomorrow.

“I completed six tests – colouring, cutting, men’s and women’s hair, perming and bridal hair.

“I gave it all my hardest and the best I could and we’ll see where we can go from there. It was a fantastic experience.”

Holly-Mae Cottterell (pictured above), Team UK’s beauty therapist who’s also from Reds Hair Company, felt great when that final claxon went.

“I’m feeling amazing, pretty tired as well and these three days have been stressful but so worth it,” she said.

“I did the best I could and couldn’t ask any more from myself. That’s all I wanted, to give my maximum effort and that’s what I did.”

Collette Gorvett, who has gone from working in a burger bar in Swansea to The Ritz since taking part in the WorldSkills process, said:“Overall it has gone okay but we’ll see tomorrow night.

“My first day was in fine dining and then I moved on to the bar section and my final day was bistro for casual dining.”

Asked if she was phased by the thousands of spectators watching on, Collette replied:  “I didn’t notice anyone looking at me I was so concentrating on the task and making sure I was doing everything with a smile and confidence.”

She said she’s “up against a tough couple of competitors” and her “fingers are crossed for everybody”.

Thomas Lewis, who was chosen over his twin brother in the same skill during Squad UK to compete in Budapest, described to FE Week how he was feeling after the final day.

“I feel good and well happy that I finished the job, feeling knackered as well,” he said.

“I’m happy with what I done, a couple of things I would have changed but I tried my best and give it everything I could.”

Matthew Barton, who competed in plumbing and heating and is from Kendal College, told FE Week he was feeling “great but knackered” after completing his tasks.

“Nationals was pretty mad but this was at another level, it has been a good test,” he said.

“It’s made it a hell of a lot better with the team just having them around and the squad leaders they’ve been so much help, it’s been great.

“Tomorrow I want to relax and hopefully I can get some sort of medal.”

And Highbury College web designer Lewis Newton was ecstatic with his experience.

Tomorrow night will be the closing ceremony of EuroSkills 2018 where we’ll find out which of Team UK’s 22 competitors finished in the top three in their disciplines.

FE Week is proud media partner of WorldSkills UK and will be covering the event live.

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