DfE reveals who will be allowed to deliver T-levels in 2022 – but there is a catch

[UPDATE: Following this story the DfE changed its guidance to state that providers selected to deliver T-levels from 2022 will be able to offer the T-levels introduced in that year, as well as those rolled out in 2020 and 2021.]

The Department for Education has this morning revealed what it will take to join the select list of providers permitted to deliver T-levels in 2022.

But there is a catch – they will not be permitted to deliver the T-levels introduced in 2022, the third of four years to roll-out all 25 T-levels.

According to the latest version of the T-level action plan (click here to download the 48 page document), providers will need to have an Ofsted rating of at least ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’, a financial health grade that is at least “satisfactory” and already be “delivering to a minimum of 10 qualifying students per T-level subject area”.

The DfE go on to say that providers will need to meet all of this criteria to be approved.

Interested providers will however be asked to submit an expression of interest in early January 2020, which will “set out the detailed criteria and further information as part of that process”.

The 2020 providers and the 2021 providers will be permitted to deliver any of the T-levels available in 2022, but the new providers in 2022 will only be able to offer T Levels introduced in 2020 and 2021.

This means the new T-level routes introduced in 2022 (Legal, Finance and Accounting, Business and Administration and Engineering and Manufacturing) will only be available to the 2020 and 2021 providers.

The 2022 providers will however be able to deliver the T-levels introduced in 2020 (Education, Design, Surveying and Planning and Digital Production, Design and Development) and 2021 (Onsite Construction, Building Services Engineering, Digital Support Services, Digital Business Services, Health, Healthcare Science and Science).

And the DfE “expect to announce which providers will be able to deliver T-levels from 2023 next autumn.”.

Details of the T-level Transition Framework, for those preparing to do a T-level, have also been published (click here).

FE Week has asked the DfE how providers can become approved for T-level transition course delivery.

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