Apprenticeship standards without assessment organisations should not be approved for delivery

Dr Pember is absolutely right to be mad with the government for exposing apprentices to so much needless anxiety over unknown end point assessment organisations.

And it is frankly absurd that a funding body is maintaining the list of approved awarding organisations, when we have a perfectly good watchdog that could and should do the job in Ofqual.

Surely we owe it to all students, not just those following an academic route, to properly regulate their tests?

The Skills Funding Agency is already swamped with preparing for the levy, area reviews, devolution, dishing out loans funding and financial assurance.

And let’s not forget this is an issue for existing students, not about what may or may not be ready for levy launch next year.

Until apprenticeship standards have appropriate assessment organisations in place they should not be approved for delivery.

That much, to me, is obvious.

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