Figures released this morning (Wednesday) show youth unemployment is at a record high.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) said the number of unemployed people aged from 16 to 24 increased by 74,000 over the quarter from June to August to reach 991,000.

Although the figure is high, reports earlier this week suggested the rate could top the one million mark.

This figure includes 269,000 people in full-time education who were looking for part-time work.

The unemployment level and rate for people aged from 16 to 24 are the highest since comparable records began in 1992.

Today, the Government is expected to launch work academies offering training and a guaranteed job interview to up to 50,000 people. It will support up to 150,000 young people over the next few months and 250,000 over the next two years.

For more, click here for the ONS website.

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  1. It only demonstrates how little the government is doing to help the youth, and how far these education cuts are already hitting. The statistic is destined to worsen as the cuts continue.

    This ‘work academy’ scheme does not offer support to enough people, and will most likely become something else which does not help increase the equality of opportunity. In fact, rather than based on a meritocracy, this will inevitably become sort of hierarchical system.

    The government needs to do more to help young people – but they are doing less.