Dozens of adult learners enjoyed a touch of Hollywood glamour as they collected prizes at an annual awards bash in London.

Gillian Anderson, who played FBI special agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, handed out certificates at the City Lit ceremony.

More than 30 awards were handed over, including two special presentations to two “outstanding learners”.

They went to 45-year-old Usman Choudhry, who has overcome a stammer having taken a number of speech therapy courses, and Jason Putman, 39. He had been homeless for more than 20 years, before studying for a level two certificate supporting vulnerable people.

“My time at City Lit has given me insight and the tools to work with homeless and vulnerable people,” said Jason.

Deputy principal Nick Moore said: “Every year we do these events and every year they’re terrific — a real reminder of why we do what we do.”

Featured image caption: X-Files actress Gillian Anderson presents the City Lit student awards. She is pictured with Ilyaas Cader, who did deaf education courses, 39.

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    • GARRETH, If you had been there and heard her speech on why education is so important, you might feel differently. Funny thing, this is an actor who has a brain, an opinion and interest in helping to bring awareness to a good cause. Helps me to not judge what I don’t know.

    • Brian Watts

      I attended this ceremony and Gillian gave a thoughtful and moving speech about the value of adult learning to people across the whole of our society. City Lit also has significant performing art provision, so Gillian was entirely appropriate.

  1. debbie lariscy

    Hard to believe anyone would criticize a “hollywood” star (which she is not) doing a good deed and lending a hand. Brings some recognition to the org and a good thought all round. Shame on u for being a negative naysayer.