Train’d Up is the latest provider to be advertsing 12 week apprenticeships.

The Skills Funding Agency has allocated Train’d Up £585,542 to deliver apprenticeships in 2011/12.

The company website (see below) advertises City & Guilds Railway Engineering NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship, promising learners “£100 per week for 12 weeks.”

FE Week has spoken and written to Train’d Up, but have been unable to secure a comment at the time of publication.

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  1. it seems incredulous that an apprenticeship can be delivered effectively in 12 weeks. The GLH is much more than that we are working on the programme for 26 weeks and it seems that the industry is stating that the programme should be for 18 months so I repeat it seems amazing that it can be delivered in such a short time frame.

    • Lindsay McCurdy Group Manager LinkedIn Apprenticeships London

      Hi The apprenticeships are delivered, but is a tick box for the provider to gain the funding, but quality is out of the window, the learner gets a certificate, but does not get the experience of the training of working in a busines. this is more of a work experience then an apprenticeship

  2. This is just incredable. When will the SFA wake up and stop funding providers delivering this type of provision. This is not apprenticeship by any stretch of the imagination. Apprenticeships should be driven by true employer demand for skills and involve real full time employment. This is YTS all over again with the both NAS and SFA complicit to ensure that they meet the PSA targets. I hope I am not on a train that has been maintained by someone who completed a 12 week training course!