It’s a naïve and age-old question, but one that really vexed my newshounds at FE towers this week.

The buck-passing we have experienced from the Treasury, BIS, and Conservative Party, up to Number 10, then back again to the Treasury was bewildering to say the least.

We tried couching the question in various ways to tease a satisfactory response from them, including a straight request for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

But they all refused to say what had happened to the Prime Minister’s planned windfall for apprentices from Libor fines — which he of course announced in a blaze of publicity to the national media before the General Election.

I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions from why they refused to comment.

My personal hope is that this pledge, to create something positive from a very dirty business through the potential transformation of 50,000 young lives, was more than a disposable vote winning gimmick.


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