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Why an apprenticeship works in today’s world of learning and work

Read how an apprenticeship has opened doors for one ICT apprentice and why he would recommend an apprenticeship to others

Read how an apprenticeship has opened doors for one ICT apprentice and why he would recommend an apprenticeship to others

9 Dec 2022, 7:00

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As an apprentice, I get the chance to put what I’ve learned immediately into practice

Describe your apprenticeship experience

The apprenticeship has been a full throttle learning experience – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting my skills to the test every single day. I’ve come from having limited IT skills to being able to manage the entire suite of IT equipment and services on my own. It’s been a boost to my knowledge base and importantly, my confidence too.

How has your apprenticeship training helped build your skills?

I learn new skills on the job every day through working with qualified colleagues. They guide me through new tasks and suggest positive solutions. This is reinforced in the classroom where I learn the theoretical side of the IT scope. This is then brought to life as I use the practical element of my learning in my job role.

What have been the main benefits for you of the apprenticeship?

Traditional education can teach you the theory of any subject, however putting it into practice cements the skills and knowledge in my mind. I am also able to pick up key business skills which are omitted from the classroom experience. For instance, communication skills, understanding my client and recognising the value of certain processes are all key skills that can only be gained through experience on the job.

What progression opportunities do you have now because of your apprenticeship training?

This training has opened doors for me in the world of IT which massively expands the scope of what I can aim towards throughout my career. I’ve also gained invaluable experience for my CV and been able to network with individuals who would have been otherwise inaccessible to me.

Would you consider recommending apprenticeships to others? Why?

Since starting my apprenticeship, I’m a big supporter of them. We constantly question and wonder about what the future holds, apprenticeships give a glimpse into a possible future without requiring the apprentice to commit to years of full-time education. You can continue to experience the real world while still learning and growing.

Zaki Rizvi, Field Services Support, ICT Level 3 Apprenticeship

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