Walford and North Shropshire College agriculture students had marathon expectations  when they set out to plough over 80 hectares in their 24 hour ploughing marathon.

The students enjoyed the event and took great delight in judging the quality of each other’s ploughing.  Student Ollie Owen said: “It was a good day, we had some fun and covered a lot of ground.” The students performed so well that extra ground had to be opened up to ensure they kept going for 24 hours.

Jon Parry, Director of Walford, said: “This is a great example of students taking responsibility and utilising their own time and effort to help improve the college environment.  We are very grateful to everyone who helped out with this event.

The money raised will go towards supporting the RD Park Trust. A charity, set up in memory of Don Park the first principal of Walford College which offers financial support for study trips and educational tours.

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