Most families might have just one black sheep, but at a college in Hampshire, a ewe has given birth to four of them.

The arrival of the black lambs at Sparsholt College is an event so rare it happens once in a generation.

Shepherd John Garrett, who has 35 years’ experience in the industry and worked at the college for the last 23 years, has never seen this many black lambs born at once.

“As with all farmers we are very used to multiple births and our students are
trained to deal with such circumstances,”
he said.

“However, quads are rather rare which does make this latest litter very special.”

The lambs were born to a Suffolk cross ewe and a Welsh black ram.

John added: “I’ve had to wait over 35 years to experience my first quad of black lambs so I hope the agriculture students realise just how fortunate they are.”

Featured image caption: Agriculture students Laura Claxton, 16, and Dan Fellows, 17, with some rare new arrivals

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