A 16-year-old survivor of a terrorist attack has shared his experiences with Walsall College’s supported learning students to raise awareness of radicalisation and extremism.

Ahmad Nawaz was shot in the arm by Taliban terrorists while at school in Peshawar in Pakistan in 2014, losing his younger brother and numerous school friends in the attack.

He spoke at the college’s Wisemore campus during Prevent Week, where West Midlands Police also ran an interactive session on the Prevent duty, and raised awareness of the dangers of getting involved in far-right extremism.

“We make it our mission to ensure that staff and students can study and work in a safe and welcoming environment, and that involves ensuring that everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities,” said Carol Egan, director of student journey at the college.

“Prevent Week is a good opportunity to raise awareness of radicalisation and extremism, and for our students to develop the knowledge to empower themselves to keep themselves and others safe.”

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