An anatomist and team of practising medics have performed a live post-mortem dissection for students and staff at Walsall College.

The four-hour demonstration took place on a specially built artificial human cadaver, which housed real internal organs from a pig.

The event was open to all at the college, but was tailored for students looking to progress into careers in health and medicine, addressing how the body functions in a healthy individual, and what happens when disease takes hold.

Attendees also had a chance to handle anatomical samples, as well as putting questions to the medic team.

The college’s head of curriculum for health and social care, Jo Parton, said: “We are delighted to have hosted this unique event as it gave our students an opportunity to gain a real hands-on experience of human anatomy from a team of experienced industry professionals.”

Jade Sampson, a 16-year-old level two health and social care student, said: “I found the event really fascinating and I learnt a lot about the role different organs play in our bodies.”

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