• Mucklow tackles AEB devolution as director roles change at ESFA

    The director of Young People and former sixth-form college commissioner has been given the mammoth task of devolving the adult education budget, as part of a reshuffle at the top of the ESFA. In an extensive new brief, Peter Mucklow has become the agency’s director of further education, which as well as implementing devolution includes

    11.00 Apr. 27th, 2018 | News

  • Commissioner report exposes financial turmoil at London SFC

    A sixth-form college is in grave danger of running out of cash in the next 12 months, after a report uncovered shocking financial turmoil. The sixth-form commissioner Peter Mucklow has demanded an immediate recovery plan for Brook House Sixth-Form College in London, after a meeting of the board of governors revealed a huge deficit for

    13.54 Sep. 7th, 2017 | News