Blackpool Sixth Form College’s student council has been on a mission to keep teenagers across the Fylde coast healthy during exam season – by giving out free bananas to those in need.

Each banana comes with a guide produced by the college as part of its ‘Learn to Live’ healthy eating campaign, and addresses how to deal with exam stress, with tips on ways to stay calm, healthy and hydrated.

The guide has been designed for year 11 pupils, and is being distributed across local schools, including Hodgson Academy, Unity Academy, Montgomery High School and Aspire Academy, in an effort to help students boost their grades and reduce stress levels.

“A group of our students took part in an experiment earlier in the year where they changed their habits for two weeks to see if it had a positive impact, said the college’s associate principal Estelle Bellamy.

“Very quickly, they saw huge improvements in their concentration and focus. The student council are really keen to share what they have learned from their research into how learning improves with a healthy lifestyle.”

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