The Skills Network offer award-winning LMS at no cost


Last month, leading learning technology provider The Skills Network (TSN) announced that it will permanently offer its award-winning learning platform for free, in order to help accelerate a quality benchmark within the education and corporate sectors.

After an overwhelmingly positive month, TSN has been able to on-board and help many schools, college and training providers to make the shift away from classroom learning and begin providing online learning experiences for students.

EQUAL enables organisations to:

  • Create blended or fully online courses
  • Publish online learning content for remote study, blended sessions or training programmes
  • Engage students with videos, gamification, quizzes and interactive learning features
  • Track, manage and report on students’ interactions
  • Use pre-built modules for multiple different assessment types
  • Create online certifications for any of the online courses developed.

A range of existing online learning content is also available in EQUAL to support providers with their delivery of AEB, ESF, Apprenticeships, study programmes and traineeship provision. Content is available in areas such as personal development, employability, business, finance, health and social care, early years, education, and mental health.

EQUAL is currently used by over 300 learning providers, across 30 countries, with one million users on the platform.

Matt Dalton, Business Development Director at TSN, said:

“It’s been an incredibly disruptive few months for everyone – forcing providers to rethink how they deliver learning and training. Despite the challenges faced, we know how crucial it is to ensure key learning continues and that organisations have the resources and capabilities to deliver online learning.

Offering our EQUAL learning platform and authoring tool at no cost has alleviated many of the financial and transitional challenges that organisations currently face when making the shift to online learning. We believe we can create a new benchmark of quality in the industry for everyone to benefit from. “

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